Laurence R. Broer 2012 - Tampa Florida

I woke up one morning not long ago thinking more about your focus on your art as a preparation for "non-being," surely the most tormenting and perplexing crisis human beings must face. What amazes me is the complete inability, mine at least, to reconcile the mental/emotional disconnect between non-being (suddenly gone and never to be again) with the sense of life non-ending that consciousness and everyday reality tricks us into believing. It is a thought that for me is too huge to get my mind around in any meaningful way, and maybe that is where art takes over, to make papable and acceptable (even wondrous and beautiful?) what otherwise is not. If that makes any sense, it seems to me that beyond creating a kind of immortality through art that endures, this is another dimension to what I take from your art as preparing for non-being.
It draws close to that time in Paris when everything goes in twos together.
Lawrence R. Broer
Tampa, USA, march 2, 2011