Green Earth Nous Trois - Dion Pincus

Green Earth Nous trois (1989 ) Has a great integration of movement and stillness, coming from the interplay of underpainting and the working-over of coloration; and with the wonderful white daubs living center-right and lower-right acting to balance out the stillness that surrounds them, one feels the sense of their being in an animated conversation with the gray, almost figural portion – to which the eye is first drawn – on the left side of the canvas;
Green Earth No 4 ( 2012 ) Has an intuitive, asymmetrical sense of “imbalanced” quadrants; but what absolutely “makes” the painting is the chartreuse vertical ribbon, perfectly straight, dividing the canvas into almost two canvases – a diptych – with an opposing sense of content/no-content

Dion Pincus
New York, USA, june 22, 2012